How To Order & Pay

How To Order

For pricing/quotation, submit your inquiries to

Once you've received the pricing, you may proceed to submit your orders using the FORMAT EMAIL (please refer to post FORMAT EMAIL), stating description of the ITEM NAME/TYPE/CODE/QTY etc. Do not forget to give your real name & your nickname so i know who's who. ALWAYS sign-off your e-mail to me with your nickname. Do not SMS your order.

Pay a deposit of RM100.00/set or 50% of your total order costs.

Email proof of payment. For online money transfers, add my email address in the space provided so that I get the notification from your banks of your transfers.

Follow-up with your personal email notifiying me of the same.

Once I've informed you that your orders are ready to ship or self-collect, please pay the outstanding balance and repeats step 4-5.

Always remember to email me the FORMAT EMAIL, without which, your orders will not be processed/shipped out.

Take note that items ordered with paid deposits are non-refundable, except we have no stock for the order. If you do not honour your purchase orders, deposits will be forfeited and your orders will be sold to the highest bidder!

Please take note that all cups / mugs in these CORELLE sets are NOT made from the same VITRELLE glass as the plates and bowls. All cups & mugs in the CORELLE USA designs are imported STONEWARE(means they are not made in the US) . CORELLE USA has stopped making the cups & mugs from VITRELLE glass since around 2002. You will not be able to find any cups or mugs made from the VITRELLE in any of the current US designed sets.

How To Pay

After you've decided on your order, you may bank in the first RM100.00 or 50% deposit payment to:

Bank                     : XXXXXXX (email me for details)

Account Number : ################# (email me for details)

Once it gets through, copy the reference and paste it to the Format Email with details of your order and click the submit button.

We also accept payment through PAYPAL. 

[Do note that Format Email without deposit payment reference will not be processed; deposits without Format Email will not be processed either, see where m going with this?]

Assuming that all the above is done, we will process your order and prepare for shipping. You will be notified to deposit the balance payment to the above account before we send out your order.

Remember, email us the reference so that your parcel can be shipped out.

Note: Please write the above email address at the online transfer so that I will get notification. Also, very important, don't forget your real name so I can track the payments.

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